No Sugar Challenge

I am hoping to do no sugar except for one day a week.

So I have been thinking about the new year. I am queen of thinking of grand, huge goals and wanting to meet them. I have a lot of passion in the beginning and then usually find some way to rationalize my way out of what I said I wanted to do.

This is one of those times. I have the huge, crazy goal of no sugar for 2021. But not like zero sugar. Once I tried this method from this book that said it would help stop the sugar cravings if you have no sugar for like a week. And this meant ALL sugar like pasta and even fruit. I lasted 36 hours. ;). I ended the fast with a cookies and cream shake from Chick-fil-A. So I will not be trying that again. Fruit is good and I want to keep it. If I am cutting out chocolate I gotta have something sweet to appease the craving. Favorites are apple slices with peanut butter, ants on a log (celery with PB and raisins). Also I will not ditch pasta and bread for 2021. I recognize these items have sugar in them but as a mom of 4 kids I have to be realistic. And I like those things. ;). So I am not going to freak if we have spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. But during the day I do plan to limit those things and choose other things to eat like meat, veggies, fruit and nuts. I want to choose things that will help me feel full and not causing me to crave more sugar. I do want to limit snack foods because they are crazy addicting like those amazing flavor blasted cheddar goldfish. I have to eat them by the handful so avoiding those.

I recognize lots of rules can be hard to stick to so that is why I am allowing fruit etc. and I don’t have to feel like I am cheating because this is MY game/experiment that I made up and I get to make the rules that I think we best suit me.

So here’s my “rules”:

  • No sweet treats (chocolate chips, desserts, cakes, ice cream etc).
  • Pasta/breads are ok for dinner with the family
  • no sweetened drinks like soda and juice (though 100% juice has no added sugar, I know what that sweetness will just make my body want more)
  • fruit is totally ok
  • avoiding snack foods (crackers, granola bars etc)
  • no milk (because milk is only good for washing down large amounts of chocolate goodness)

My hope is to stick to this during the week and then allow myself to have these goodies on Sabbath (a day to catch your breath). Sabbath is the day we slow down as a family. Friday night we have pizza, soda, ice cream and a movie and popcorn. We take a full 24 hours. We end the Sabbath with hubby and I going on a date. And pretty much every date includes a glorious mocha from Caribou Coffee. :). So there will still be sugar in my life but it will have a place. Currently it has no boundaries in my life and it runs wild and I want something different. I want greater health, energy, strength and peace. I want to try to do this crazy challenge to help with my sugar addiction (Sugar, My BFF). I have also been struggling with anxiety again and I know limiting sugar can greatly help My Sugar Addiction.

Hopes for No Sugar Challenge:

  • better health
  • get in recommended BMI range
  • less inflammation
  • recalibrate my tastes to prefer natural and fresh
  • not be a slave to sugar cravings
  • lead the way for my kids and help change patterns that I feed into
  • hopefully reduce cavities and need for dental work
  • save money because I’ll be snacking less and less impulsive so less Wendy’s frostys 🙂
  • NEVER get a yeast infection again. Too much sugar cause the PH to be off and results in Candida overgrowth. I know TMI but it’s a real reason

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