Choosing to Rest

This is an older post that I forgot to post.  But it is perfect because I teach on taking a day off this Sunday at Story Church.
We were snowed in this week with only like 4 inches of snow.  I don’t know how many actual inches we received this week but it is nothing compared to our Northern friends.

School was cancelled for 3 days.  It was an unexpected gift.

We played lots of games.

The girls were busy constructing doll furniture out of popsicle sticks and hot glue.  Impressive.

book shelf (she cut all these with gardening sheers)



refrigerator with ice tray and ice




dresser complete with clothes paid of felt


toy box



tv, recliner and sofa

We started 2 puzzles, the huge kind with 1000 pieces.

We spent hours sledding.

I spent almost zero time on my computer, emails, etc.

We read lots of books.  Jeremy is reading The Bourne Ultimatum, I finished The Irresistible Revolution: living as an ordinary radical, I started When Helping Hurts, Jeremy reads lots of Narnia and  The Jesus Storybook Bible to the kids.

We pretty much stayed in our jammies (pajamas) for days.  Who needs a shower? 😉

All this rest on these snow days made me think of the practice of honoring Sabbath.  Out of all the ten commandments there is only one that starts with “remember.”  We are told by God to remember the Sabbath.  God wanted to give us a day off each week.  We are told to remember because it is all too easy to forget.  post on sabbathYou Need This!- another post on rest

… just let me send one more email

… hold on, I can play in a minute after I finish this load of laundry

… I just need to check if I have any messages on Facebook (because we can’t make people wait a whole 24 hours to get a response!)

… just a minute,  I can read you that book after I finish the dishes

…  I just need to finish up this last thing

“What would it look like if just you and your family remembered?  What would happen if the Lord whispered, “Begin, sweet Sabbath”- and you listened?”- from a favorite book, 24/6 : a prescription for a healthier, happier life

We take 24 hours off every friday 5:00pm-Saturday 5:00pm.  Cell phones off.  Emails ignored. Lots of yummy food.  Lots of play.  Couch time cuddled up watching a movie with popcorn.  Ice cream.  Naps.   Reading.   Enjoying nature (but not tomorrow- it is painfully cold).




It is like God gives us a snow day every week with the gift of Sabbath.

Will you accept the sweet gift?