How I TRY to Juggle it All

I feel like I am continually trying to navigate how to balance it all: stay at home mom, church responsibilities, helping others (my kids included) grow spiritually, cleaning, planning dinner (it comes every night!), cleaning up after a lab puppy who sheds an ungodly amount, etc.   So the balance idea constantly plagues me.  I don’t think that there is some way to balance it all perfectly.  It truly is a juggling act where balls get dropped regularly but I pick them back up and try again.

I am learning it does me no good to put myself down when I drop a ball.  I am juggling lots of balls so I need to expect that I will drop a few on a regular basis.  I am trying to learn which balls I need to let go and leave on the ground and which ones are a must to keep.

Recently I did this awesome Bible reading plan called Finding Work Life Balance (Just download the Youversion app).  The plan included this helpful 1 minute video about making priorities with our time.  In essence what are the balls that I need and want to be juggling or what are the rocks that need to be put into my jar first.  I have also heard it explained with walnuts and rice.

I have been working to identify these.  These rocks can also be referred to as the pacesetters of your life.  And the extra things that steal your peace and time can be called the peace stealers (an idea I learned from an AMAZING, practical book called Rhythms of Grace).

What are the things need to get the first and best of my time?

Sometimes for me it helps to boil things down in simple terms.  So I thought if daily I could love God, love my family and then love others.  Also if I could spend at least 15 minutes a day in being still and then speaking each of my family’s love languages (an effective tool in making others feel your love) then I have had a good day. And anything else I accomplish is bonus.

After a stressful year (hear more about that here) I have learned that my soul has to just be still with God (the spiritual discipline of silence and solitude).  That is my number one key.  The rock I need to put in my jar first.

I will share my other rocks.  But remember these are what my soul needs.  Spend time in prayer and reflection to discover yours.

My Rocks/Walnuts/Balls/priorities (whatever you want to call them) :

  1. Daily silence and solitude
  2. Rise early- so I can have time to pray, journal, and exercise (usually just 15 minutes of core)
  3. speak my family’s love language at least once a day
  4. Monday-Thursday I write (via blog, journal etc) and work on church stuff
  5. Read aloud to my kids Mon-Thrus. (20 minutes a day) more info here
  6. Read for my own enjoyment -20 minutes a day
  7. Date night 2-4 times a month
  8. Walk or run 30 minutes a day (I was tracking my steps with a goal of 10,000 a day but then ran over my fitbit with my van 😉
I love using this free app to help me accomplish these things.  Some days I get most of them and other days I am lucky to get 2. 🙂  But life is a journey so I keep trying.  So these are what I focus on first. Then if there is time to do other things like clean my garage which normally looks like hoarders moved in (they have- it’s me and my family) or my car that usually smells of something rotting- then it’s a bonus. 

What are the rocks you need to put in your jar?
What are the balls that you need to juggle?
What balls do you need to drop and leave them there?