What I Do When I Feel Overwhelmed(Trying to :)

My house on most days, all flat surfaces covered in stuff.  Big mess.

So I say Lord, where do I start?

That question answers it, I start with prayer and God.  A prayer asking for divine strength.

Then I turn on some praise music, crank it up, sing loud.  For a moment I want to meet with God and let the yelling kids fade to the background. 🙂  The songs that come on have lyrics like:

– “there I find you in the mystery of oceans deep. My faith will stand.” from one of fav songs ever
Oceans by Hillsong
– “deliver me from all the madness.  You’re the one to pull me through.”
Deliver Me by David Crowder remix

1. Roll with it.  Embrace it and be able to laugh about it.  The alternative is to cry about it, which is totally ok if I need that release in the moment.  But then blow the boogers and laugh that:

  •  I am still in my pjs
  •  haven’t showered in days
  •  haven’t brushed my teeth yet
  •  have a disturbing amount on orange mold growing
  • a common question when hubby comes home, “hmmm….what’s that smell?” Likely answers:stinky pee filled pullup in the trash, the moldy orange that I have not noticed for days maybe weeks, etc
  • there is a good chance the house will still look like this tomorrow and the next 2 years or 2 decades while kids are at home
  • I have also forgot to put on deodorant this morning
  • I can’t get rid of the pee smell in the bathroom(thanks to a toddler boy:)
  • my 4 yearold asked, “Why do you wear that(a fav hoodie) everyday?”
  • my 4 year old asked me while getting ready for my doctor appointment, “Is it church today?” Because that is usually when I actually get dressed, do my hair and wear makeup. 🙂  It is my chance to get dolled up and do something out of the ordinary.

I don’t know about you but I would rather be laughing then crying.

2. Flip your perspective

  • For each thing I complain about, flip it and find something to be thankful for and to praise God for.  True my house is a mess but thank you God that I have a home, many moms cannot say that
  • True my kids are bickering but most the time they are sweet to each other
  • True I have moldy produce but thank you God that I have the means to buy healthy for my family
  • True I haven’t showered but thank you God that I have plumbing and clean water when I get to it
  • True my house will constantly be messy but I have the opportunity to be home with my kids
3.  Take a play breaks.  My kids are always asking me to play and I likely respond, “Just let me finish….” But to be honest it is not going to get all finished.  I bounce all day long from task to task.  I am sweaty right now from 15 minutes on the trampoline.  I told them I will bounce them for 15 minutes then I need to go get some things done.
I want to read more to my kids.  BONUS: I get to actually sit with my feet up while doing that. 2 for 1.
3.   Journal how your feeling.  That is all this blog is, my personal journal but I make it public so others may be encouraged by it.  I have a gratitude journal that helps.  I just try to list something that I am thankful for on that very day.   Journaling your feelings with questions like:
  • What are you afraid of?
  • What am I sad about?
  • What am I angry about?
  • What are you enjoying?
  • What are you surprised by?
  • What disgusts you?
These are all from the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality workbook.  AMAZING book and workbook
4.  Get 15 mintues of solitude and silence today.  Maybe during naptime for one, put a cartoon on for the older and sit outside and meet with Jesus.  I remember reading Dallas Willard say that he believed the discipline of silence and solitude to be the most important of all the Christian disciplines.  I have to agree.  Search silence/solitude on my blog for more info
4.  Reach out and encourage someone else
Chances are if you are feeling overwhelmed as a mom(or overwhelmed in any other role) there is another person in your similar shoes who could use an encouraging text or email letting them know they are not alone.  It is also a good reminder to myself that I am not alone

Books that help when feeling overwhelmed as a mom:

Dad is Fat
Supermom vs Super Mom