Don’t Worry

This morning I choose to sleep in.  I usually like to get up early and read and journal.  But I waited til later in the day when I had a quiet moment.  I resisted the urge to tackle my to do list and clean my house for a 2:45 relator showing.  I want to first hear from God before I squeeze out all possible time with tasks that at the end of my life won’t even matter.

So I journaled based off a phrase in the verse, Luke 12:22.  “…. don’t worry about everyday life.”  I then did the ancient spiritual practice of Lectio Divina.  I asked God what does he want to say to me and I try to write what I comes to my mind.  Here it is:

“I created your very life, you can trust me with all the details of your life.  It was I who told you to sell your house and move so trust that I have a plan.  Trust even when you don’t see the answers to your questions.  Also don’t worry about your to do list or your paper piles or not having time to do it all.  You don’t have time to do it all. Ask me what to focus on each day.  I’ll lead you.  Yesterday you leaned into your spiritual gift of pastoring/shepherding by making it a priority to promptly email some people back who had prayer requests.  You were walking in your gifts.  You also did the application to be further trained in something that I have called you to do.  That also was a kingdom choice(my kingdom of love).  You read a story to Buddy- a perfect use of your time.  You made sure your family  had dinner ready.  You blessed a friend with babysitting and cleaning.  You have encouraged others today.  You insisted Hannah stay home from school and rest- that is a kingdom choice.  I am pleased with you.  I don’t put the same expectations on you that you put on yourself.    I will sell your house.  Be still and watch me work.  Trust that I am at work.”