Feeling Like Eeyore

My mood just felt funky this morning.  I assumed it was because of this sinus pain/pressure cold thingee that I have.

Everything kind of irritated me.

I noticed my mood was rubbing off on the kids.  There was more bickering.  As the parent, I am responsible for setting the mood, temperature of our home.  Of course I can’t be cheery 24/7 but as much as it depends on me, I want to try to bring joy and warmth to our home.

I knew turning on praise/worship would help.  Just listening to it is helpful but actually singing along helps to draw me out of the funk.

The first song I heard on my Pandora David Crowder channel was Forever Reign.

“You are light, you are light when the darkness closes in.”-

“You’re the reason that I sing.”

Forever Reign by HIllsong

I think worship draws me out of my self absorbed funk because I am focusing on God and his goodness.

His goodness to me makes me want to sing.

A peace settled over our home.  My kids began to sing as we all sat and colored.  Hands Free Mama is really inspiring me to live in the moments with my kids.  It is good to forget the chores and to do list and just be with my kids and color.

Book review/summary to come.