How I Find Calm in the Busy: Part 2

I don’t know about you but music stirs my soul like little else can.

A certain song likely from the 80’s (if you need to smile) or early 90’s (another favorite it) requires I get up and move.  80s/90s is a favorite on our Pandora.  My kids know a lot of awesome cheesy songs.  So sometimes when there is just funky mood with the kids I put one a good dance song (A Copeland favorite).  Of course they don’t want to dance right away but they come around.  It just changes the mood to fun and whimsy.  I also love the channel- Walt Disney Children’s Music.  Music draws the soul.

I have started to fill our home with praise music in the morning by turning on a fav Pandora channel (Lauren Daigle, Kari Jobe, Bethel).  It just helps our hearts to get in a good place.  Hearing and singing positive words create positivity in our hearts.  Praise is powerful because it helps us to focus on the goodness of God and the good gifts we have received.  When I am busy thanking and praising God for all the good it is hard to be stressed, angry or just plain funky.