How NOT to have a CRAZY morning

So not sure why I am writing this because I am soooo not the master of this. But I have been sick of the way my mornings are going.  They are frantic, rushed, so not peaceful, and everyone starts off in a grumpy mood.  So I resolved yesterday to make a change to our routine so we can start with peace and joy.   I can share what I am learning even though most my mornings feel frantic.  I listened to a podcast on simplifying your mornings(Simple Life Together, Episode 15 and here is a link to the blogpost on it I love their podcast, it is so life giving and inspiring me towards simplicity.  Here is much of what I learned from there.  I will try to keep it brief, for more details read or listen to her stuff.

Keys to a more peaceful morning for me:

1.  Get my butt out of bed before the kids get up.  Yesterday morning I allowed my kids to wake me.  not good. I prefer being up an hour or two before the kids so I can have me time.

2.  Write out a routine and stick to it.

  • I had to decide the key things I want to get done each morning, put an estimated time for how it each task takes and then I added lots of margin time(50 minutes extra) because something always comes up
  • Everyone is different. Start small and work up to adding more to your list if youre overwhelmed. 
  • I have 10 things I want to get to in the mornings.  I got to 7 today.
  1. Workout with Jeremy(30-45 minutes)
  2. SOAP(search my blog for more info)- basically read my Bible and journal.  I am loving the Unglued devotional plan right now on youversion
  3. Pray with Jeremy, take a few minutes to hear what each other needs prayer for the day and pray for each other
  4. Drink a glass of OJ(helps with cursed kidney stones(tmi) and brush teeth
  5. Get ready(dress, makeup-if i wear it that day, hair). Most days it is yoga pants and a ponytail.
  6. Make bed(Never really done this consistently but it really makes a room look better!)
  7. Review the day’s to do list(this blogger recommends writing out 3-4 keys things that must be done, and write it out the night before like on a postit)
  8. Dinner Prep(take chicken out of freezer, or  start crock pot etc.)
  9. Chores( I have broken my house stuff into days so only need to do 2 a day)
  10. Juice(its not delicious- but we need it since we dont eat enough veggies or fruit)
3.  Provide a written plan for kids too
  • Hannah and I did this for her too.  Her list is smaller and different.  Her last thing is chores.  I would much rather her read her Bible devotion than her chores, if I had to choose one that I wanted her to do before school. Ideally I want both done- but in the grand scheme of life I choose her heart growing.
  • Joy has a list with pictures we drew
  • Hannah and I just use a 3×5 card, with each task numbered. mine is 1-10, hers is 1-7.  There are not time assigned like 7:00-7:15 but instead the time it takes for each one like Brush teeth- 5 minutes
  • This morning Hannah said this morning went so well because no one was yelling at her to get her stuff done.  She was able to stay focused since she had a list.  But she is also older, it helps.
4.  Play uplifting music
  • We like to play praise/worship- gets our hearts focused on God and his goodness.  
  • Or fun dance music, dancing makes everyone happier 🙂