Our Yucaipa Kids

We just got back from taking a trip to CA. While there, one of our former youth group students was hosting a party. There was probably 100 college kids there. There was lots of root beer and dancing and hair cutting. It was so cool to see that many kids together just having good healthy fun. Nobody being foolish – just an awesome time of hanging out. We knew about 30 of the kids from our youth group. It was such a wonderful time to catch up with our kids. We have so many wonderful memories with our youth group. We spent a decade pouring our lives into these students. I left the party so overjoyed. It was so good to hear their stories of walking with Jesus. A group of them were leaving for Yosemite the next day for a camping trip. While there, they plan to baptize one of their buddies that they led to the Lord!!! Seriously?? Wow, I pray that my own kids one day will be walking so closely with the Lord and that they will have such solid amazing friends to do life with. 3 John 4 says, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” What joy Jeremy and I felt to see these kids (and many more that were not there) still seeking Jesus.