Who Are You Impacting?

I am hooked on Michael Hyatt’s podcast.

Today in episode 93 he was saying leadership is about influence and impact.  We all have influence and lead in some capacity.  I am also reading that same sort of thing in John Maxwell’s book The 5 Levels of Leadership.

I have often heard, “You’re a leader if people are following you.”  That was always vague to me.  But if I think of leadership as influence it is easier to ask, “Am I influencing/impacting people?”

I want to use my influence, my voice to draw people closer to Jesus, that is the impact I want.  I want to use my influence to help others grow.

You do not have to be the head of something to be a leader.  You can lead by the way you live your life.

Hannah, our oldest is the only one in school.  We tell her that she is a leader among her peers.  She can and does shine for Jesus.  Examples: standing up for someone being bullied, obeying her teacher, helping others etc.

We told her that she is a leader even though she did not get elected for president of her honors society.  We still believe she is a leader with or without a title.  Title or position is not what makes a great leader.  An impactful leader pours into the lives or others.  They invest in others and help others to grow and succeed.  They serve others.

Who are you positively impacting or influencing?  Who are you helping to grow?