Sex When the Kids are Home

This is a great podcast.  They talk about sex a lot.  Good stuff. They are honest, real and open.

Listen to the episode here

Make sure kids are fully occupied when you decide to slip away.  Most the time a movie does it.  Not this particular day.  Our youngest (5yrs old) comes knocking on our locked door.

“Just a minute, I’ll be right there.”

He is abnormally quiet, we wonder what is going on.  Then the door knob turns and the door begins to creak open.  The boy picked the lock. We never moved so fast.  Luckily we did not injure ourselves or pull a muscle with the way we flew to the bathroom.  Good news- he did not see anything.

“Mom, I opened the door with a penny!!!!”

I did not share his same enthusiasm. 😉  So I attended to his need and explained that we do not unlock mom and dad’s locked door.   I also empowered my oldest to take care of any needs he may have when mom and dad are having some time together.