Trying to Make Play a Priority

It was outside recess time this morning at the Copeland house.  I was cleaning the garage while the kids played.  Isaiah asked, “Mama, can you bounce me on the trampoline?”

I said,”Yes, but only 5 minutes.”  Because I wanted to get back to the task of organizing my garage.
And then I thought for a minute, what am I doing?  Did I choose to be a stay at home mom to clean my garage or be with my kids?
So at that moment I put aside my desire to organize and tidy up to be with my kids.  We played many rounds of me being the mama bear, Isaiah being the baby bear and Joy being the human that we thought was a fish that we were trying to eat.
Then I made us a quick lunch to eat out on the trampoline.
I miss too many moments like these getting caught up in my busyness that truly does not matter.  I will only have a 3 year old and 5 year old for a few more months then they will be 4 and 6.
My time with them at home is fleeting.
Had I only jumped 5 minutes I would have missed out on the funny things they say like, 
“Did you know God made the animals?  Did you know God lives on a farm?”- Isaiah
Joy showing me how she can say the alphabet super fast.
I love to hear how they say words and watch their little mouths form the words.
I am trying to have proper perspective in my life.  I want my kids to feel like a priority and that they are more important that the task at hand.  They will not always ask me to play with them.  Laundry and dishes can wait.  That was some good advice I got from a mom I admire.  
I often feel like I have ADD jumping from one chore, to the next clutter pile/area, to a pee puddle, to a million other things I feel like I have to get done.  Sometimes the madness causes me to get frustrated and weary- and my only response is to look up to heaven to ask for help.  It is in that moment that I feel like the Lord gives me perspective:
these kids are a gift
it is a gift to stay home with them
my home is a gift, regardless of the state that it is in
my health is a gift
this moment/minute is a gift from God, slow down and enjoy it