Our Bloody Adventure

Tonight was our first serious trampoline injury.  My kids have spent countless hours on our trampoline.  One of their favorite summer past times is getting the hose on the trampoline, squirting each other while jumping.  Hindsight: poor parenting choice to allow a trampoline to get wet and slippery.  🙂

Anyways Joy busted her chin on the metal framing.  I called Jeremy over with the sight of blood.  I grabbed a bucket of toys to keep our 4 year old busy in the urgent care waiting you, a tee for him since he was shirtless moments ago and shoes for my neanderthal, purse and we all loaded up in the car.

I decided to sit in the back seat with her to comfort her.  I talked alot to distract her and to distract myself from getting whoozy.  I was totally fine until we are like a minute from the urgent care.  I feel it coming on, my body is telling me that I am about the pass out: my body is so hot, stomach feels sick, the noise all around me totally fades as though I have earplugs in, the tingle in my arms,  ohhhh geez.

There have been times when I get anxious, filled with fear for no known reason and singing praise songs has calmed me down.  silly, but it has worked.  I heard a story about a lady feeling comforted just by saying the name of Jesus. So I quietly start saying “Jesus, Jesus, help me,  Jesus.”  I unbuckle as soon as we are in the parking lot and lay out on my van door as Jeremy rushes Joy in.  Hannah and buddy stay in the car with me.  After a few minutes I am good so we go in the waiting room.

Hannah was freaking out and said, “I wish I could write in my prayer journal”, which is also like a diary.  So I grab a spiral book we have in the van and bring it in to let her process her feelings and emotions and get it all out in writing.  Journaling is SOOOOOO good for my soul.  I think I will have them journal more during times of intense emotion.

Joy’s chin got superglued shut by the doctor.  She’s all good.

We buy ice cream on the way home to make oreo shakes for dinner.

Hannah retells her side of it.  We die laughing, tears rolling down our faces.  I don’t want to be so quick to feel faint.  I am really trying but it makes for an awesome story later and provides deep belly aching laughter.  So probably should have prayed in my head so not to terrify my kids.  Geez, I was so light headed and not thinking.

What was so funny is that Hannah said, “I thought we were talking to Jesus and I was scared you were about to leave me and go be with him.”  In the moment, totally not funny that she was that scared but after hearing her retell it, so funny. we were all laughing.

She said I could share her journaling here:  “…..Mom comes to sit next to joy and is trying to distract her.  she sees the blood and starts to get whoosy.  I hear her saying: Dear Jesus, over and over in a whisper voice.  Now I’m really stressed out and i am trying not to show it to joy.  We’re here now, and Dad and joy go in.  I’m left with an almost passing out mom and a 4 year old brother.  He closes the van door and mom then says NO I’m hot and I feel like I will faint.  That scares me even more…..”

Geez,  I need to get better with seeing blood.  I am a mom of 3, time to suck it up.  Trying to be stronger but I am wussy with this stuff.