Crazy Adventures with College Roommate

I had an amazing roomie in college.  She is a fun,crazy, silly, life of the party kind of person.  She had great wisdom and counsel for me. She encouraged me to grow.  She is also a nut! (in the most loving way).  I just loved her ability to laugh and bring laughter to a situation.  We had so much fun together.  We were constantly playing pranks on one another.  We had a list of 201 Ways to Annoy or Bother your Roommate and we regularly used them to make the other laugh.  I am certain we added many to that original list.  Her in her post, she reminded me of some of the silly things we did.  I was cracking up just rereading them.  P.S.  – I am pretty sure Cara, you peed your pants more than I did. 😉  Bless you for putting up with my gassy self for 3 years!!!  Remember the time your cute print of Starry Night from Ikea fell on your head while you were sleeping.  mmm…Good times.  Now I am inspired to think of more of our crazy stories and write them down before I forget more.