Want a Full, Vibrant Life?

I know this is my heart’s desire.  “My purpose is to give life in all its fullness.” Powerful words of Jesus (found in the book John in the New Testament. Chapter 10, verse 10).

Fullness: filled to capacity, completeness, richness, depth, vibrancy….

I want a rich, deep, full life.  I don’t want a shallow, distracted, disconnected, busy, unsatisfying life.

In my lectio divina journaling today I asked God what he wanted to say to me?

“Following me gives a full, rich life.  An abundant, overflowing cup.  So much good spilling over that you can only spill it onto others.  You will feel complete when you find your hope and peace in Me.  There will be/ is a vibrancy to your life.  Colorful, joyful, contagious life.

This is what I want you to teach your kids.  I care not about what facts are memorized.  That is their brain.  I want you to train up their heart.  Strengthen their heart.  Help them to seek wonder and delight in Me and my creation.  All else is secondary.

Stress will creep in when you start to believe otherwise.  All those expectations in your mind- not from Me.  A sure test: how do those expectations make you feel?

  • stressed?
  • inadequate?
  • frazzled?
  • frantic?
  • overwhelmed?

Those are not of me.  Peace.  I am Peace.  Follow where My Peace leads you.  Get quiet enough to listen.  My invitations are gentle whispers not loud commands.  Pay attention to the quiet voice in your heart.  Slow down, be still, and listen.  I’ll always lead you.  You get to choose if you want to follow.”


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