Dear Social Worker

We want you to know that we see you.  We see your hard work. We see you when you feel forgotten and when you feel like your work is never-ending.
We know you don’t do this for the paycheck.  We believe you deserve more than they could ever pay you.  You deserve the big bucks because what you do is priceless and indispensable.  We admire you.  We are so thankful for you.  We honor you.  No words or gift could thank you enough.  You are our city’s superheroes.
We see your sacrifice.
You sacrifice many evenings working on another’s behalf.
You sacrifice sleep because the darkness you’ve witnessed keeps you up a night.
You sacrifice long hours in the office.
You sacrifice meals because sometimes it does not feel like you have time for yourself.
You do what many of us feel we could not do because the weight would break us.
We cant even fathom the weight you carry.

The weight that can often feels crushing.

The weight of making these huge decisions.

The weight of seeing a child in an unhealthy and harmful situation.

The weight of seeing a parent battle addictions and other vices that keep them from their children.

The weight of worry if you made the right call.

The weight of worry if you do not intercede.

The weight of desperately wanting reunification for these families but knowing it is out of your control.
We have no understanding how it feels to carry such a heavy emotional weight but we recognize that you carry it.

You must see so much pain.

The pain in a child’s eyes as they are taken from their home.

The pain in the parents eyes as their child quickly packs their belongings into a trash bag.

The pain in the foster mom’s eyes as she gives back a child that she has cradled and nurtured.

The pain in your own heart that sees the pain of others each and every day.

We imagine you see so much ugly but know that we see so much beauty in what you do day in and day out.

It is beautiful how you are an advocate for a child that feels unseen.

It is beautiful how you fight for a child that feels forgotten.

It is beautiful how you are a safe place for a child.

It is beautiful how you strive to bring families back together.

It is beautiful how you see the hurting and brokenness in the parents as well.

It is beautiful how you are an advocate for the whole family.
Don’t give up.  No one change the whole world but we believe you are making our small corner of the world better.  Remember hope and change happens one story at a time. You are making a difference.  Your love and kindness will never be forgotten.

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