How to Be Filled with Joy

“But may all who search for you be filled with joy and gladness in you.  May those who love your salvation repeatedly shout, “God is great!”

a verse found in the book of Psalms chapter 70, verse 4 (70:4)

It says all who search for God will be filled with joy.
Search is not passive.            Search is not complacent.                 Search is not accidental or haphazard.

Search implies being intentional and purposeful.

This makes me think of a regular occurrence at the Copeland house, losing our iPad charger.  We are often on a frantic search because Jeremy needs the iPad for his message notes for church.  So we are all in hot pursuit of this charger.  All of us, kids included, are purposefully looking everywhere.  That is the image I want to think of when it says “all who search for you.”

I want to be intentional in searching for God.

Definitions of search:  

  • try to find something by looking or otherwise seeking carefully and thoroughly.
  • to go or look through carefully in order to find something missing or lost (How many of us feel like something is missing in our lives or feel like we lost a closeness/connection to God that we once had)
  • to look at or examine carefully in order to find something concealed.  God won’t push himself on us.  He is there and can be found by those who seek him out.  
4 Ways That Help Me Seek God:
  1. Reading my Bible via the you version app on my phone
  2. Following my reading I love to journal with the method of SOAP– that is where it comes alive
  3. Regularly choosing to pause and be still and focus on God and all his good gifts (an amazing book that has helped me with this)
  4. Practicing the discipline of silence and solitude.  I do this when I choose to pause- I love to sit outside and just be still for 10-minutes.  No phone just me enjoying his creation. (more on silence and solitude)

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