Finding Peace in the Morning

One of my favorite things is to watch as the sunlight shines on the trees in the morning.

An orange glow begins to shine on the trees.

“Shine your love on us each dawn and gladden all our days.”- Liturgy of the Hours

“Learning to trust the healing properties of the beauty that surrounds me has become a spiritual discipline in my life.  It takes practice, yet when I am faithful to the practice, I find it increasingly medicinal.

There is a seed of praise in each of us.  If it is watered with the daily practice of presence, it will find its voice in our lives and be good company for us on our pilgrimage through the day.”- The Seven Sacred Pauses

The Seven Sacred Pauses (book review here: Your soul needs a mini retreat) is a book I reference often, trying to each day as it reminds me to pause and remember God and all the good in my life.

When I pause at regular intervals it brings so much peace, shalom to my life.


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