Hold On, There is More to Your Story

Haven’t we all needed to hear this at times?

Just hold on.

Don’t give up.

There is more life in you.

This difficult season will not last forever.

Your story is a gift.

Embrace the pain and struggle.  We are often then able to help others who are experiencing the same kind of hurt that we endured through.  I know this was true with my dad passing away.  I remember being able to relate to some of our youth group students who lost their dad also at a young age.

Sweet fruit can come from the painful pruning season.  Others can experience the sweet fruit of God’s goodness through what they experience in you.

It is so powerful when you are going through a difficult time and to hear someone else say, “Me too.” They understand your current pain whether it be loneliness, anxiety, unforgiveness, betrayal etc.

Your pain can one day help another heal.

If you feel disconnected, and withering and dying, you have a chance to receive life.  You must stay connected to the source of life, Jesus.  He is the vine and we are the branches.

We often as branches, disconnect and try to do our own thing.  But a branch that is cut off cannot keep living or bear fruit.  We have a choice to be grafted back in.

We cannot draw life from our pursuit of success, career, family etc.  Those all can be good things but ultimately cannot be your life source.

During hard times we can pull away from faith but drawing near to Jesus is where there is life to endure the hard.

“Draw near to God and he will draw near to you.”- James 4:8a. (a verse in the New Testament)

This is post is based off my hubby’s message he taught yesterday.  Listen to it hear.
Worst Present Ever Part 3


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