I Feel like a Disorganized Mess

Yesterday was one of those crazy mornings.  I was hoping I was past these since none of my kiddos are still babies or toddlers. 🙂

I decided to sleep in (always a choice I regret because I start the day feeling like I am in catch-up mode and not getting done what I hoped for the morning like receiving life from my journaling (hope from my Bible), prayer, exercise etc.)

I needed to leave the house by 8:30 to meet someone by 9:00am.  As I am trying to get out the door I cannot find my keys.  If I had only used my cute pinterest project (a frame with hooks that hangs by my front door for our keys).  Found them after 15 minutes.

 So now I am late.  I get in the van and I can only laugh because my van looks like my morning has felt- CHAOTIC!

My gas tank is on E and my drive is too far to see if I can make it.

I miss my turn, someone honks at me because I accidentally almost cause a fender bender.  (me and my blind spots- geez)

So I make it to my destination 30 minutes late.

Much of my drive I keep giggling at how absurd this morning has been.  I know I can fume/cry or laugh- I need to choose to laugh.

My Bible journaling this morning reminds me of yesterday.  “and she laughs without fear of the future.” (Proverbs 31:25b).  The Message translation says, “and she always faces tomorrow with a smile.”

I so want this for my life.  Now this does not mean I am always smiling or never have fear.  But I think it helps me to flip my perspective and to choose joy/gratitude instead of frustration.  It reminds me to pray when I begin get overwhelmed with my huge to do list and I start to fear the future.

Fun conversation between my daughter and I:
Me- “We look like hoarders” (referring to our van)
Hannah- “We are hoarders.”
Me- “No, we just look like hoarders.”
Hannah- “Well, we behave like hoarders.”
Good point.  Hannah is my little beacon of organization among the rest of our mess.

“It is a tall order, but the kind of perfection Christ demands of us is not made up of sparkling windowpanes, uncluttered countertops, organized spice racks, mopped floors, manicured fingernails, obedient children, or even well-vacuumed minivans.  It is made up of love.  Just like our heavenly Father is.”- a friend sent me from the book, Momnipotent: A study to help you find peace, balance and joy.  So trying to take each task and thinking how I can do this in love.  Like yesterday, “I need to grocery shop with 3 kids- Jesus, try to help me to do this in love. “

I learned from the book Unglued about not giving myself negative labels such as “I am a disorganized mess.”  I am not that.  I just feel that way and have disorganized moments.  My identity is I am a child of God who happens to have a messy van. 🙂


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