Snapping at My Sweet Joy

Constant whining was slowly grating away at my patience.

I am on edge and Joy is nearing me, I wrongly assume she is about to whine/complain

“Go play!”

She walks away and then returns to me seconds later with tears in her eyes, “I just wanted to sit by you.”

Insert dagger into my heart.

This was an opportunity to practice what I recently learned when Jeremy was teaching about receiving forgiveness. An amazing podcast that has helped me so much, Awesome Tools to Help with Forgiveness

I said, “I’m sorry.”

“That must of hurt your feelings.  Did that hurt your feelings?” yes 😦

“I was wrong.”

“Will you forgive me?”

“Yes mama.” said Joy.

I asked if she wanted to play Candyland.  She says, “No, mama.  You need to do your work (that is what they call when I am at the table with my laptop and planner/to do list out).  Your work is important.”

I said, “No Joy playing with you is important.  You are more important than my work.  I love you more than I love my work.  Being your mama is my most important job.”


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