Learning to Say No

God teaches me stuff through my mistakes.  So learn from my foolishness. 🙂

I must be intentional with resting.  One way I manage that is with the idea of the 7 zones.

7 zones:  So our week consists of 21 total zones, each  divided into morning, afternoon and evening.  I did not invent this.  We were taught it by Mike Ash from Next Level Church.  So the goal is to have 7 zones without work, obligations, meetings etc.  And 3 of the 7 must be together for a full 24 hours (basically having a Sabbath rest).  So the zones off I am still a parent with taking kids to practice, doing dishes etc but on those zones off I am not meeting with people or doing work related stuff or things out of obligation.

 I must actually plan rest in my life by writing in my planner.  So on Mondays(when I do it) I plan my week accordingly making sure I have 7 zones off.  I literally divide my days in these 3 time slots and write off in the blocks.  There have been weeks where I realize I have something 5 evenings of the week and something during the day all 5 of the days thus only allowing me 5 zones off.

This is not sustainable and certainly not life giving.  I feel squeezed even more without my zones because I am an introvert and need down time and reflection time.  
I often say yes to others because it is convenient for them but at my inconvenience.  It works for them so I do it.  Of course I believe in self sacrifice and serving others but I will have nothing left to give to others if I am continually giving out and not allowing my cup to be filled.
It is not a badge of honor to uber busy.  Being overly busy is actually a dunce cap of my lack of time stewardship, foolishness, immaturity and my inability to say no.
All good things: being apart of community, connection groups, playdates, meeting with others, serving/volunteering etc.  All things I want to continue but I must spread it out and allow for sufficient rest periods.  It is ok to schedule things a month/months out in advance in order to protect life giving zones off.
If I do so much that I am weary then I am no good to anyone- myself, hubby, kids or others.  If I burn out- I can’t help anyone.

There are some weeks where I cannot be 7 zones off.  But that should not turn into months and seasons or I am asking for total burnout.

Two things I try to do:  weekly day off (search Sabbath on here) and daily time of silence and solitude(can also search this), usually outdoors.  Or search rest.

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