My Hero

A picture that may embarrass him 🙂 but it fits.  We did a superhero series at church and Josh Grossman painted these cool cutouts for us as photo props.

I am in awe of my hubby.  He is a real live superhero to me and his kids.  I can’t believe all that he juggles especially as a church planter/pastor.  Like yesterday morning he got up extra early to go pick up the truck and trailer (with all our church supplies since we are a portable church that meets in a school gym).

  • he brought the trailer to church 
  • helped to unload it
  • taught a life giving message that inspired us to fervently seek God in prayer
  • helped to pack the church back into the trailer
  • had a quick lunch with me and kids
  • drove 40 minutes round trip to return the truck needed to tow the trailer
  • was home 20 minutes before I needed to drive him to the airport for a 5 day trip.  He is giving his time to help assess several potential church planters and to help them decide if that is what they should do with their lives
  • once he returns Thursday he needs to go to our new church property promptly to meet with a company who is going to give us an estimate on the cost of the siding on the new building
  • prior to God blessing us with our first permanent building (that we are in the process of renovating) -he already worked full time with church responsibilities
  • but now he has to split his time doing the hard manual labor side of drywall, painting, framing etc.  This is true of our staff too.  So they are working overtime into the evenings and on Saturdays.
  • he has a side job of coaching new church planters
  • even with his full plate of church stuff he still makes it home for family dinner
  • he makes time to wrestle our kids and read them stories
  • he still takes me out on dates
  • he is committed to honoring Sabbath and making sure he takes a complete day off from email, cell phone, etc
  • he is a man of integrity, patience, gentleness, peace, vision, strength, wisdom and the list goes on
He is a gift from God to me.

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