Waiting, Waiting, Waiting……

I did not anticipate waiting this long for our CA house to sell.  We just lowered the price again.  Now it is just a time of trusting and waiting on the Lord.

I have more questions than answers about our near future. 🙂

We have many wonderful options to live with family and friends while we wait for our house to sell.  I pray we move into our next home soon.  That would be wonderful for my family but I really want it for the extended family that is currently living with us- I want a home for them.

Many wonder why we don’t just rent out our CA house again.  I don’t have a rational answer.  We just have this peace that it will sell and we will buy here.  We don’t feel like renting it out is the answer.  That may be the easy, safe answer but we prayed so much before even putting it on the market. There is this peace that God will provide. We don’t know how or when but we know He will.

I don’t think it is coincidence all the many Bible verses that have been in my daily reading plan that have perfectly encouraged me.  I have tried to write them out and display them so I can reread them often.  Like today one of my chapters to read was Romans 4.  The Beth Moore Bible study (I started at the beginning of this housing adventure) recommends I read Romans 4 at least 20 times.

While walking this morning I was reminded of our faith journey 15 years ago.  We got married on June 12th, 1999 after finishing our junior year in college.  We had an apartment down by school(an hour and half away) available for us to move into at the start of the fall semester.  So for that whole summer we did not have a home.  So we were like a traveling circus living out of our suitcases for 2 months.  We had friends and family that we house sat for while they went on vacation.  We also took our junior high youth group to summer camp for a week.  So about every week we changed location.  It was an adventure- an adventure that we may get to live again. Praying this traveling circus has a short tour schedule. 🙂


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