This Week’s Favorites:

So I am trying to journal what I am learning about and growing in.  I would like to do this weekly but this is more like the past few month’s favorite things I am reading and hearing.

Some good books I finished:

Books that I am currently reading and enjoying:
  • The 5 Levels of Leadership (I LOVE this book.  He is brilliant. This stuff is gold.  Learning so much)
  • Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan.  Hilarious but I cant seem to finish it.  I forget I am reading it for weeks then pick up and read when I need something light hearted.
  • Good to Great (an interesting read. good stuff)
  • Love and Respect (rereading this for a connection group at church. brilliant.  wish I read this years ago- so helpful) 
Books on the shelf waiting to be read:
Podcasts I have enjoyed:
  • Helping Your Child Soar- parenting podcast
  • Michael Hyatt episode 96: What Leaders Need even more than the Right Answers
  • Michael Hyatt episode 89: 4 Difficult Sentences for Leaders
  • Procrastination:Allison Vesterfelt on Beyond the To Do List Podcast
  • Self Education: Paul Jun on self mastery, motivation on Beyond the To Do List Podcast
  • Overcoming Fear of Failure by Chris LoCurto podcast

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