Held Hostage by Sugar!!!

The Sugar Smart Diet was a book that I recently saw at Barnes and Noble.  So I checked my local library and they had it!  So I reserved it.

The title intrigued my not because of the “diet” part.  Eating healthy does lead to a transformed body which often includes weight loss but that is not why I wanted to read it.  I knew that I have a serious problem with sugar. Sugar in small amounts is good but I never consume it in small amounts.

I realized I had passed my sugar issue to my kids when they continually beg for sugary junk.  It is not their fault but mine.

The book talks about making peace with sugar and to end the war.  There is a war inside me that wants it continually.  I am also doing a reading plan on youversion called Made to Crave based off of Made to Crave the book.  I am realizing that I do not need to indulge every craving I have but that I can actually use self discipline.  To be honest,  I rarely am disciplined in what I eat.

I AM TIRED OF THE HOLD SUGAR HAS ON ME so I decided to read up on it more.  I read this in less than 24 hours.

I learned that too much sugar in a diet can play a part in Alzehemiers, high cholesterol, depression and so much more.  In other books I read sugar overload causes your body to become an acidic state thus making it a breeding ground for some cancers to grow and many other diseases.  There are many factors that lead to disease not just diet because I know many super healthy, clean eaters who still got sick.

I think on of my favorite things about this book, I can still enjoy sweets.  I know many who have cut sugar out totally.  I think that is noble but totally not something I want to do.  I want to enjoy it but not be ruled by it.

I learned so much from this book.  There is practically sugar and lots of it in most processed, packaged items.  Can’t say I agree with it all but definitely gained lots of wisdom from it.

So for the next month I am going to try to follow its plan to help with my sugar addiction.  I have never attempted anything like this.

So here is the summary of the plan:
Day1-2: Eat normal and keep a food journal
Day 3-5: sugar step down, slowing reduce sugary items
Day 6-11: No sugar, no processed grain products, fruit juice, dried fruit, fruit or sweet potato
Day 12-18: Reintroduce fruit(no more than 3 servings a day), can have 1 serving of whole grain proccessed, still no fruit juice or sugar
Day 19-25: Slowly adding sugar back in.  can have 1 tsp of honey or real maple syrup a day, or 2tsp 100%fruit spread, or 2-3 TB dried fruit, or 1/4 fruit juice for recipe
Day 26-32: Hello Sugar! Follow same meal plan but now can add a treat.  Keep added sugar(naturally occuring sugar in fruit does not count) to no more than 24 grams(6 tsps) a day.
Day 33- and beyond: Forget about sugar counting one day a week.



  1. Jillien · March 2, 2014

    I'll be praying for you through this plan! Seems hard to do, but I know you to be a disciplined person when you set your mind to something. SO this is something you can totally do! rooting for you 😀


  2. Heidi Aponte · March 2, 2014

    Good for you Kimi!! I wish you lots of luck!


  3. kmcbride · March 2, 2014

    Awesome. I am doing a fast right now…no sugar, honey, etc. I will be eating fruit as part of it is juicing, but I do agree that sugar has such a stronghold on our diets and bodies. I look forward to the challenge. I think it will help improve my energy and ability to focus. I hope this is a great experience for you too. Look forward to reading updates on your journey.


  4. Kimi · March 3, 2014

    Jillien-thanks. 🙂 I think you believe in me more than I believe in myself. I don't even think I have gone a day without food with added sugar.

    Heidi- thank you. i need lots of luck for sure.

    Kimberly- good luck. you can do it. 🙂


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