Why I Love the Thrift Store:

Not just any thrift store but the ones operated by the Durham Rescue Mission here in Durham.  Some of my top reasons:

  • All the money I spend goes to funding the Mission.  The mission helps people rebuild their lives whether there are homeless, addicted, victim of abuse etc.
  • You can’t beat the deals.  More on that later.
  • I am not fueling the American consumerism that demands more and more products be made.  I often worry about the clothing in stores because they can be made by small kids and underpaid adults in 3rd world countries.   But I am not perfect in this.  I do not solely buy local or used- I still shop major chain stores.  And I don’t judge others who do. Just trying to make a some impact for good.
  • It is so much fun for me. Like a challenge to find a sweet deal.  It’s really treasure hunting.  But for some it is hell, and I get that. 🙂
  • My kids love the hunt too, in the toy section. A bag of toys for a buck is a treasure.  But we have a rule, One in/One out.  So for every item in, they have to find one to donate themselves.
  • They always have cool coupons or sales on already great deals

So I donated $38.00 to the Durham Rescue Mission and it return received:

  • 6 hoodies(a kids Duke hoodie could easily be $30 new at a store, as well as abercombie or old navy etc).
  • 1 pair of kids soccer cleats
  • 1 pair of kids sneakers
  • 6 kids books(character ones like Gossiping, obeying etc. )
  • 4 tall candles
  • 2 candle holders
  • 1 denim dress
  • 3 long sleeves
  • 2 bags of toys
The thrill never gets old.  I don’t shop looking for name brands because those do not matter to me.  But cool when I find them because I can feel it is good quality.

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