The verse I picked today for my SOAP Bible journaling was Proverbs 6:9,” But you, lazybones, how long will you sleep?  When will you wake up?”

O(observation-what do I think the verse means)- don’t be lazy, get up

A(apply it to my life)-  this verse made me smile because this morning was the first time in weeks that I actually got out of bed early.  It was hard.  At that early hour I would have rather left my lazybones all warm and snuggly under my comforter.  But I knew I would later be thankful for the head start on my day, having time to do my Pilates and read my Bible.  The reward of being disciplined is far sweeter than extra sleep.  Now for some fresh juice for energy since my body is not used to this. 🙂

P(prayer)- Lord thank you for a new morning.  Thank you for life.  Thank you for helping me get my lazybones out of bed.


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