Dr. Poop- the unedited life of a stay at home mom

Don’t consider being a stay at home mom unless you are up for getting your doctorate in feces.  I believe I have a honorary doctorate in poop.  I have spent so much time with others’ poop, I now can be called Dr. Poop.  I considered attaching a picture of the recent floater in the tub.  There is nothing like trying to scoop up an evasive poop in a cup.  And then it refusing to cooperate and small pieces escape you and try to squeeze down the drain which is disgusting to clean up.

My life with small kids often feels like an I Love Lucy episode.  I am currently potty training my 2 year old son.  I often hold him up on the toilet so he ends up not even touching the toilet with his hands.  With his tiny toilet I have told him to push his pee pee down cause otherwise it shoots all over.  When finished I tell him to wash  his hands which I guess he totally hates.  So he has figured out a way to get out of washing his hands, demanding I push it down.  In times of stubbornness, i refuse cause it is not really what I am dying to do and then it makes a big mess.  So I often resolve to just do it for him, and remind myself it is just a season and he won’t be asking for my help as he gets older.

Latest adventure, he really had to pee, sat him on there and told him to push his pee pee down himself.  He refused as it is getting the seat and his pants all wet so I go in to try to do it myself.  I guess I applied pressure incorrectly and ended up getting shot in the eyebrow with pee.  Within a matter of second, the wall, my freshly showered hair, the floor and my clothes were sprayed with pee.  Wow, the life of a stay at home mama, not for the faint of heart. 🙂 But hey I showered twice in one day!- showering can be a rarity when you are constantly needed by little ones.


One comment

  1. Jillien Minera · March 24, 2013

    YIKES!!!!!!!!! You are one loving, accommodating, bend-over-backwards, kind of mommy. I.C. is lucky to have you! Probably why he loves his mama so much 😀


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