Discipline is Hard

Proverbs 5:23a, “Death is the reward of an undisciplined life.”  This was the verse I selected for my SOAP(search my blog to discover what that is) Bible journaling today.

O(observation)-  My observation about the text.  We all die but sometimes foolish choices, lack of self control can hasten death.

A(application of text)- I saw this first hand.  My dad died at age 52.  His death was hastened due to choices he originally made as a youth that led to addictions to drugs and alcohol.  It is sad to me that my kids will not know their grandpa or that my sisters will not have our dad walk them down the aisle or that my brothers will not have our dad helping them get ready for their wedding day.

This verse also jumped out at me because I am really trying this month to become more of a disciplined person.  I have spiritual disciplines(prayer, Bible reading, fasting, solitude) that I want to develop as habits.  I also have physical disciplines like exercising and waking early so I can exercise and have time for my spiritual disciplines.

True, if I am not disciplined in these areas they are not likely to bring a sooner death.  Now maybe if I never exercise again- it would lead to unhealth.  I know am healthier spiritually when I am disciplined spiritually.

Lack of discipline may not lead to death but it does lead to other things i don’t want like frustration and procrastination.  I know when I am disciplined(get up early, read and pray, exercise)- I feel so good, so prepared for my day, so energized, so productive.  All awesome things but it takes discipline to get up and do it.

P(prayer)- Jesus, thank you for the immense wisdom we can gain from reading and applying your Word, the Bible.   Thank you for giving us tools to live a good life.  Help me to be disciplined so I can experience the fruit/benefit of it.


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