2012’s Books Read

One of my 2012’s new year’s aspirations was to read one book a month for a total of 12.  I actually made it.  Some of them were cheaters- books i will count for my total but they were super easy and almost dont count as books so they were so short and easy.

1. Simplicity Parenting– insightful.  The basic premise- American kids are overscheduled and overstimulated.  So it was a text to help parents reduce their toys and simplify their schedules and a result simplify the family’s life.

2.  Cheapest Family in America- quick read.  Some good tips to save money.

3.  Eat this not that- Supermarket- quick read.  about healthier food choices

4.  The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson- I will definitely reread this. One of my favorite books on prayer.

5.  Beginner’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare– excellent

6.  Bondage Breaker– amazing! Must read for any follower of Jesus.

7.  The God Smuggler- interesting story of Brother Andrew who smuggled Bibles communist countries

8.  It’s Personal–  another awesome book.  It is all about surviving and thriving in church planting.  Many times it was as though they were reading my mind and writing our story.  A must read for any church planter or anyone apart of a church plant to get a clear understanding of what is going on in the hearts of their pastor and his family.

9.  Enough:Discovering Joy through Simplicity and Generosity– easy, quick read.

10.  Grace Based Parenting– probably my most favorite parenting book.  It was talking about parenting our kids the way God cares for us.

11.  Make Today Count– quick, easy book and super helpful.  how to be more effective and get more done.

12.  Victory Over the Darkness– amazing!  It is all about learning and knowing your identity in Christ, who God made you to be.  Another must for any follower of Christ.  A must if you want to grow in your faith and be changed.  AWESOME

13.  Discipleship Counseling–  awesome tool to help others.  This is good for anyone in ministry, anyone who has a heart to help others grow, or anyone who often find themselves in positions where individuals come to them for counsel or trust them to share things with.  Dr. Neil Anderson talks about counseling people using Victory Over the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker.

Super excited- i set a goal(aspiration-something I hope to accomplish) and actually did it!!


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