Become a Learner

My verse for my Soap(search my post to learn what soap is all about-an awesome way to read the Bible) today is :

Proverbs 19:20, “Get all the advice and instruction you can, so you will be wise the rest of your life.”

It seems like this verse is proactive, something you have to intentionally do.  It reminds me of something I recently read in John Maxwell’s tiny book, Make Today Count.  He says we have to have a plan for our growth.  It was a good reminder for me to be intentional and if I truly want to grow and excel, I need to plan for it and not just hope it comes to pass.  I have many areas I want to grow in.  Here are several of them(no particular order):

I want to be a better mom so I should plan to read books that can help me do that.  Read blogs that inspire, teach and encourage me.  Listen to sermons, conferences, or podcasts that build me up as a mom.

I want to grow in my knowledge of the Bible.  More than just knowledge I want to be changed and transformed.  I want wisdom.  I have to be intentional with this.  Growth in this area wont happen if I just wait for me to get my Bible input from a message on Sunday at church.  I have to take initiative and grow on my own and not depend solely on a 30 minute message a week.  Growth won’t happen if I leave my Bible on the shelf often or ignore my youversion app on my phone.  SOAP has helped me the most in my growth.

I want to grow as a wife.  I love reading relationship books which has helped me a ton in this area.  I find good ideas from other ladies blogs and pins for pinterest.

I want to grow as a leader and woman in ministry.  There are some brilliant leaders out there who have so much wisdom to share. Right now I am enjoying reading and learning from Matt Keller and John Maxwell.

I want to grow in being a good steward of my time and money.  I love books that help me with that.  When I grow in these areas- it helps me a better mom, wife, leader, and woman in ministry.

This year I am shooting to read 12 books, an average of one a month.  I think I am going to make it.  Next year I may get crazy and shoot for 24.  John Maxwell reads 24 a year.  He makes 2 piles.  I pile that he knows he can quickly read through and gather a few nuggets for growth and then his other pile are books he knows will take longer to process through and are likely to really shape him.  Actually I think I will stick to 12 books a year and try to read through the entire Bible(a goal I have never been able to accomplish yet but that is ok).


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