My Successful yet Unproductive Day

I often define the success of my day or week by how much of my to do list got checked off.  Lots or all checked, I feel good.  Not so many and I can feel defeated or overwhelmed by my to do list.

But as I was thinking today, success is not defined by my to do list or how clean my house is.  I feel like my day was successful because I accomplished things that matter, things that will have a long term impact.  I also feel strong and like I succeeded when I use the gifts God has given me.  So here are the things I got done that made today a success:

  • I played with my kids and what they wanted to do(We walked to the lake and threw rocks in even when my house is a wreck and my to do list is no where near being completed)
  • I read my Bible today and let it change my heart through my SOAP(search soap to find out more) journaling.
  • I taught someone else how to do the SOAP method.  We had fun doing our reading and journaling together.  I love to mentor younger women.  I love to teach them what God has taught me and help them grow in their faith walk.  I grow the most myself when I am helping others grow.
  • I used the gifts/strenghts God has given me.  My number 1 strength is being a developer(check out Strength Finders to discover your strengths)- seeing the best in people and helping them to reach that potential. 
  • I ditched all work at dinner time and just rested since Friday evening to Saturday evening is our Sabbath- the 24 hr period we choose weekly to stop, slow down, rest and have fun.
  • I ditched my phone(texting, email etc.) for the night and was fully present with my family.
  • I exercised and got sweaty( to some that may seem short term not very impactful).  But when I try to be healthy by exercising and eating right- I have more energy, more to offer my family and the work God has for me.  And it helps with stress.  Good stuff.

How I was unproductive:

  • my garage makes it look like I am a hoarder(totally not, i love to purge just need the organizing element)
  • majority of the flat surfaces in my home are clutter magnets(my bathroom counter, dining room table, TV top, kitchen counters, my desk, kids dressers etc…)
  • did not record my receipts
  • my closet also looks like a hoarder, in serious need of organizing
  • majority of my to do list is still unchecked/unhighlighted
  • and so much more but I am cool with that.  I believe the Lord looks at my heart and the impact I choose to make by loving and serving others.  Thankful my life will not be judged on my ability to keep my counters cleared off.


One comment

  1. Chrissy · December 3, 2012

    Love you lady! Amen and amen!! 🙂


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