A Typical Family Fun Night

I LOVE our tradition of family fun night.  It is these fun times and memories that cements/bonds are family together.  Last Friday was a very typical FFN.  The plan is as follows:

Eat pizza- frozen Frescetta(pizza-frozen or fresh is a must for FFN), drink soda(pretty much only night kids can) and answer a few questions for Table Topics Family Edition.  I love it- Joy will pull a card and pretend to read it and then make up her own question like “What is your favorite outfit?”

Watch a movie while we are all on the couch totally unplugged.  No phones or laptops.
Redbox or free library DVD when i actually plan ahead.  but did not tonight so paid a few bucks to rent Madagascar 3 from Amazon.  Eat processed cheese popcorn or microwave popcorn(try to avoid that since becoming a hippie-read the bag is lined with teflon kind of stuff-yummy)

Have dessert, usually ice cream.  Tonight it was the mini ben and jerry’s so we each get the flavor we want.  A buck a pop is still cheaper than Cold Stone or YoPop.  I have really tried to limit their desserts to Friday, sometimes everyday of the weekend they get something or any time we have people over so probably more sweets than i would like.  but that is ok- live a little.

Dance Party/Wrestle match/Daddy chase them around the living room(we have a convenient lap already in the layout of downstairs).  They had fun dancing to the music at the end of Madagascar 3, Afro Circus.

I love planning these nights.  sometimes i theme it up and get creative.  it is like a chance to plan a weekly party-love it



  1. Jillien Minera · November 12, 2012

    so fun! you guys really inspired us with this and being intentional and planning fun together.


  2. Kimi · November 14, 2012

    As i typed this post, i thought you would be the queen of FFN. Because you know how to pick a theme and really go with for a party. you really know how to theme it up!


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