Running the Race Together

Geez, I am behind on all the things I want to write about.  I fear my scrapbooking hobby my be a lost art form because I lack the time and energy to do it.  I love it but am like 4 years behind.  So for now I will use my blog as the place I record memories and photos.

Our second 8K race: Running of the Bulls here in Durham.  What an adventure this was.  With both races I wait til just a few weeks before the race to actually start jogging.  I had totally miscommunicated with my sister about the babysitting details.  I just assumed she would meet us at the starting line.  Silly me.  She thought I wanted her to come to the house to watch the kids, which would have actually made way more sense than waking them super early.  Anyways we get to the race and start to panic cause we do not see her.  So I called her and she was at my house. My bad.

She was a saint and rushed down to the race.  We were determined to run the race anyways.  We started the race 15 minutes late.  It was awesome, they had already cleaned up the starting line and we beginning to open up the streets to traffic.  So that lit a fire under my butt to run faster because I did not want to miss the route markers or get ran over.  Luckily Jeremy remembered the route.  We had started our own timer since we knew our time would be off at the end.  Early into the race, I had to pee so we stopped the clock while I ran into a pub to pee. TMI- i know, that is how I operate.

I love that we ran this together. I love that we started even though we were running late.  I love that we were determined to finish this thing we started together.  I love that we were sweating it out together.  I was doing far more of the sweating because Jeremy is far more of an athlete than I am.

This adventure totally reminds me of church planting.  I remember while running thinking and sharing this with Jeremy.  We had some deep thoughts and stuff while gasping for air.  🙂  We started this planting journey together and are working at it together- chugging along, step by step, together.    What fun journey and adventure together.


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  1. Jillien Minera · October 17, 2012

    This is so awesome! I love this story. You guys are a perfect team!


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