What!!???!! I Love Running Outside

I never thought the word, “love” and “running” would go in the same sentence.  But I loved jogging outside this afternoon.  It was like a 20 minute praise time.  Started out my run listening to Like a Lion by David Crowder which was fuel to my praise time.

Praising/thanking God I have lungs that are strong enough to withstand the heavy breathing.

Praising God for legs to run.

Praising God for eyes to see the gorgeous fall colors.

Praising God for ears to hear my music.

Praising God for a strong heart to handle running.

I really get into my praise time with air drums :), singing(which is even worse because I cant hear myself), and raising my hands at times.  I know no one sees me in the forest.  Or if I see someone coming my way walking a dog, i refrain. 🙂  But I think the singing while running gives me a sideache.  It is just so hard not to belt it out when listening to it.

I love this time. After only a few times of running- i feel stronger, it is like my body saying “You can do this”.


One comment

  1. Jillien Minera · October 28, 2012

    awesome. its great that you can find that time to yourself to exercise and just praise. I can hear you now with your deep alto singing in the woods! 😀


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