Trying to Find Balance in my Chaos-Part 3

So a big aspect of trying to find balance is my schedule and how to best manage what I have. I have been thinking about this alot lately because I feel like I have very little me time. And know that comes with being a mom. I love my kids immensely and am so thankful for them and their health. But I still need things to help strengthen who I am as a person.

Two things I really want: to be healthy spiritually and physically. It is so good for me and my soul when I do my SOAP Bible reading and journaling(older posts as what that looks like) and spend time with my prayer journal. I love when I do that. Never in my life could I really say that I have been healthy until recently(really trying:). There were times when I was thinner but that does not mean healthier. I may have been smaller but my lunch was a Dr. Pepper, giant slim jim and a mini bag of cheezits. For so long I thought health was all about what I saw in the mirror, how my body looked. But my mindset has changed. I want to be healthy from the inside out. I want stronger bones and muscles. I want my body to not be prone to sickness but strong to fight off things. Thinking about my body as a car has helped. For much of my life, this car has been running on Kool-aid. More posts to come on this crazy healthy, hippie journey I have been on.
Whoa tangent- back to schedule. So I came up with this ideal schedule, what I thought would be a sweet schedule to help me accomplish my goals spiritually, physically and everything else. But a wrench has been thrown in the mix. Isaiah has been getting up at 5:00am. I am not so bummed about missing out on sleep but missing out on that time I had planned for me. I have been in denial- like he will grow out of it. But it is possible he may be a morning person forever so I need to come up with plan B. I cannot waste time waiting but instead embrace plan B and maybe he will sleep more later.
My ideal schedule had me getting up at 5:00am. I know totally crazy-never I thought I would be one of those crazy people but I see the benefits of the discipline. My hopes were to do SOAP, pray and exercise in those 2 hours- hoping he would sleep til 7. So with him getting up early it forces me even more to be better at time management because now I have to find ways to work those things in during the day. So goal now is to do it during naptime. But that means I need to get housework done before then so I am not doing it during naptime. I may try running before dinner when Jeremy is around. We shall see how this works.

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