Trying to Find Balance in my Chaos-Part 2

I am trying to find balance in my life. I want more peace and less chaos. So some things I am doing:

*Limit time suckers: #1 time sucker-Facebook. I cannot tell you how many times I got on there and 30 minutes later I am like “why did I get on there.” It is like a GIANT time vacuum that consumes my time. Seriously checking out pictures from high school classmate-useful of my time? So I am trying to be purposeful while on there not just browsing. I am trying to limit how often I check email as well. Seriously, nothing is so urgent. No text, no email, no message….

*Unplug weekly: For me, (I just decided this yesterday) that means Friday 5:00p.m to Saturday 5:00p.m. That is the time our family tries to take time to rest and honor the Sabbath. Unplug for me is completely turning off my cell phone, not checking facebook or email. I did not fully succeed this week but it was an improvement. It felt really good and freeing to do so. It gave me more brain power to think and focus on other things. And on Sabbath, day of rest, I want to focus more on God, the gifts He has given me, His creation and my family

*Setting a schedule: Someone had shared with us to divide our week into 21 zones, 7 days with 3 zones(blocks of time)- morning, afternoon and evening. They said in order to avoid burnout, depression and other not so good things- we need to have 7 zones off and 3 of them being all on the same day. Of course as a parent I am on 24/7 most times but off in other ways. Time off in a zone being no meetings, not working at the job- just being and enjoying life. So for us that is really honoring 24 hours of rest and keeping a few evenings a week free of meetings and work stuff. More to come on schedule stuff I am working on.

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