Trying to Find Balance in my Chaos-Part 1

Being a wife, church planter’s wife, stay at home mom of 3, sister, friend, teacher, ……(list goes on) is hard stuff. I am trying to find ways to be a better steward of my time, time that feels like is constantly slipping through my hands. But we probably all feel that way- we never have enough time. Well I know that I am not going to magically get 30 hours in my day so I need to best work with what God has given me. This pursuit of trying to better manage my time really started when I became a mom and intensified with each child. Many days I feel like I am accomplishing so little but just taking care of the immediate, putting out fires. But there is so much I want to be and so much I want to do that I do not want to fizzle my time away. Part 2 I will list how I am trying to best manage the time He has given me


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