Today I really tried to unplug because of what I learned about taking a day off once a week. This weekend I learned some good stuff about Sabbath, fancy word for day of rest. The pastor had said that God commands we honor the Sabbath and to rest, it is one of the ten commandments. But we so often take it as optional and not really serious. My attitude is not as casual with other commandments, ex: like i will try not to murder or steal today but i cannot make any promises. His commandments are not meant to be a joykill but to save us from killing our joy. God knows my tendency is to work, work, work and rarely sit and rest. He knows my soul needs renewal and refreshment. But how can I ever receive those things if I go and go and go? How can my soul experience peace if I never unplug all the noise that continually interrupts my life? Technology is awesome(I am the first to admit i love my iphone even though i thought i totally would never need or want one) but I need a break from it. So on Saturdays which is the day we choose to take Sabbath rest I am trying very hard to rest and unplug. Today I actually powered off on my phone, checked email less(my goal is to ditch the computer completely for 24 hours- friday dinner to Saturday dinner). I like getting email and texts but think how often those things interrupt us. I try to imagine it like a phone call. If my house phone rang everytime I received a text or email- I might go crazy. but i respond to the text beep/email beep the same as I do if my phone rang. I run to it like it cannot wait. It often controls me more than I exhibit control over it- even turning it fully off was not easy. lame, i know.

The pastor recommended a book called The Rest of God, it is totally on my list of books to read. The author defines Sabbath as a break from the normal. On Sabbath -embrace what gives you life and restores you.
Things that do NOT restore me:
* cleaning my house
* clearing out my inbox
* looking at my planner/calendar
* working on my To Do list
* any household chores(laundry, dishes, toy pick-up, etc….)
* checking my Facebook
* grocery shopping with kids
* grocery shopping at all
* running errands
Things that RESTORE me:
* time with my hubby and kids
* enjoying God’s creation
* quiet, still mornings
* good food
* time with friends and family
* worship music
* scrapbooking
* making gifts
* buying gifts
* shopping without kids(treasure hunting at the thrift store is much harder with 3 other voices)
* S.O.A.P
* sitting down with my prayer journal in a quiet space
* exercise
* journaling- getting all my thoughts out of my head and onto my blog
I am fighting to protect our day of rest. Many times the busyness of life crowds in but then I try again the next week. If I let too weeks pass I begin to feel weary and worn down. My souls renewal is worth it. My kids needs to see it modeled because I want them to develop the habit and discipline of weekly rest. I want them to experience God’s goodness in resting, His idea.

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