Book Review: Cast of Characters

I usually really enjoy Max Lucado’s books but I did not really care for this one. This is not one I will keep and reread and that is a good test for me if I really like it. There were good nuggets here and there but just not overall exciting. It was hard to keep my attention and took me a long time to finish. The title caught my attention but not the content so much. The premise is a great idea- that God uses unlikely characters to do amazing things. So each chapter is about a Bible character that God uses to do great things. So in that aspect it was encouraging to feel like God could use even me to accomplish great things for his kingdom. So each chapter was about common people that God did cool things through. Many of them were normal but then some seemed very unlikely that God could take their lives and turn it around and totally transform them. It was a good reminder that we serve a mighty could that can transform all the ugly parts of my life and make something beautiful out of it. Also a good reminder to keep praying and not give up on the people who seem so far from God and want nothing to do with him. No one is too far from him, God can transform anyone. He can give hope to anyone and give their life purpose, meaning, hope and joy.

*Book Sneeze sent me a free copy of this book for my honest review

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