Contagious Attitude

I was thinking about my bad day on Sunday. One of my kids that day also had a rotten attitude. I realized she probably picked up on my stinky attitude. My shortness, grumpy tone, etc. rubbed off on her. i once read that moms are like the thermostat of the home, we set the temperature, mood of our homes. you know like that saying,”if mama ain’t happy, nobody is happy”. So if am angry today, my kids will probably reflect that. Or if I am impatient, they too will be impatient. What a challenge to behave in such a way that i would want my kids to reflect. Often the behaviors i want to change in them are behaviors that they have learned from me(and i want to change in myself) and it is must harder to correct these behaviors than to just have modeled right behavior in the first place. being a mom is such a crazy learning process. By far the hardest job i have ever had. but also a job that daily challenges me to grow and be changed. God is definitely using my kids to teach me lots.



  1. Samantha · August 30, 2011

    thank you for your transparency…you never know how God may use it!


  2. Jillien · August 31, 2011

    you are an awesome mama!

    remember the wise words i once heard from a comedian, “what did that “stinky” (insert adjective) kid do to that poor woman!?”


  3. Kimi · September 6, 2011

    thanks, it is so true, they can push us to insanity sometimes


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