Hope from my Bible

For years and years I have desired to read my Bible more. It is God’s written word to us. It gives me guidance on how to live, gives me hope, gives me inspiration and challenges me. Each New Years i usually resolve to read it more. This year i said i wanted to read it cover to cover(i have tried to do this many times but never succeeded). I found this cool tool, http://www.oneyearbibleonline.com, that tells you what to read each day in order to read it completely. I found it was becoming just something i needed to check off my list. I was not reading it for life change or transformation. Sometimes my goals can paralyse me because i want to do it perfectly if i do do it. After weeks of not doing it i gave up and said, “maybe i can do it next year.” Jeremy had finished reading The Divine Mentor by Wayne Cordeiro and he said i would really like it. It has inspired me to pick up my Bible again and start regularly reading it again. It is a whole book on how to read the Bible and how to let it give you life. Jesus is described as the bread of life and the author talks about getting fresh bread each day. One cannot live on a monthly meal, which is often how little i read my Bible.

There are many ways but his way is called S.O.A. P. All you need is a Bible, pen, reading guide and journal. So I look at the one year Bible reading guide and read the selected passages for that given date. I ask God to give me a verse that i can dwell on all day and grow from. S-stands for scripture(read the given scripture and pick one verse). O- stands for observation, what are some observations i see. A- stands for application, how can i apply this truth. P- stands for prayer, write out a prayer. Some days are harder than others- like nothing jumps out at me. But not today, something jumped and i got so much from it. I will share in my next blog post. I know for me it has been helpful to read Cordeiro’s excerpts from his journal.


  1. Chrissy · August 19, 2011

    Man, that sounds awesome. I constantly find myself making excuses as to why I just don't have time or motivation. I should really check out that book! Sometimes it feels overwhelming. Thanks for sharing lady!!


  2. Samantha · August 23, 2011

    I discovered the SOAP method this summer when I took part in the summer book club….that was the method they used. It really works for me! (when I don't allow other things to crowd it out) I will try the website you mention. That is something the Lord has really been impressing on me…daily bread, not monthly bread! Good post, thanks!


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