Answer to prayer

so this is part two of my last post on soap john 11. i shared about how our paycheck was only one third of what it was supposed to be. i decided to make this a teaching opportunity for Hannah. we were at the store and she wanted to buy a snack. i told her that we couldn’t cause we really did not have the money to do that. i told her that we only had 6 dollars(simplified it so she could better understand) and we needed 18 to pay for our bills. so we need 12 more dollars. but i told her that we did not need to worry because God always takes care of us. and that he knows what we need even before we even ask. i shared that God often takes care of us by using other people. many times it is other people who live for Jesus who help us out. i told her that somehow God tells their hearts and then they help us. i shared with her some examples from our past. i told her about the time we needed 5oo dollars and we had not told a single person this yet days later a friend sent a check for the exact amount. after hearing these stories, hannah asked, “what if no one helps us?” i told hannah that i try not to worry and just remind myself that God will help us and that help will come. i told her that i don’t know how God is going to provide the money but he will. so here is how He did. in the mail a check for one hundred came plus a walmart card for 100. days later another card came with 300 in it. then one of our supporters decided to send an additional 700 gift. after it all came in i told hannah, “guess what?! He provided.” i reminded her that we needed 12 dollars. i then drew out each dollar and told her what happened. i asked her to count how many dollars he provided. she counted and said 12. i am so glad i decided to share this with hannah. i almost didn’t because of fear. i feared it would cause her to worry and also fear, “what if we don’t get the money?”


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