Update on Clean Water Post

so hannah’s little can was overflowing so it was time to count all she has saved. total= $26.85. i told her how proud i was of her. we will keep saving toward giving to world vision to provide clean water. i told her that one day people across the world will be so thankful that she decided to share what she has. Because of her there will be kids and families who have clean water to drink. we were talking during our bedtime ritual. the topic changed to our sponsored kids. i shared with her because of family decides to share what we have, three little kids lives are better. they can now go to school, plenty of food and water, and clothes. i told her because we choose to follow Jesus and obey him by being generous others are blessed. i told her about that verse that says it is more blessed to give than to receive. and how we are feeling what that verse talks about. she had said, “yeah , i am so happy. and really excited to share(her money). i have lots of nice toys. i don’t need anymore.” totally blown away that such wisdom is coming out of the mouth of a six year old. thank you Jesus for her compassion and love for the poor.


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