another amazing story of God providing

i had intended to write about this a few weeks ago when it happened but never got around to it. i don’t want to forgot about the times He has provided. i also want to log these stories to be able to share with my kids about His faithfulness. right now is a very perfect time to recount this story because right now i am stressing on how He is going to provide in my current situation. okay so a few months ago a stranger in durham gave a generous gift online to story church. jeremy and i were both blown away. so cool! well a few weeks ago this same individual more than tripled their last gift!!! and the coolest detail how God provided through this individual, on the memo line it read sound equipment, a very exact specific need we have been praying for God to provide.

so i am smiling now as i type because it is ironic i am sharing this cool story yet panicking on how God is going to meet our next need. our paycheck this month is 1200 less than normal due to decrease in support from our sponsors. 1200, the exact amount we need to pay for our rent this month. i am trying so hard not to stress about this. when i notice my heart getting anxious i am trying to pray and remember how He has always provided in the past. but is stinkin hard to trust and not stress. when i pray i try to remember He owns it all, 1200 is not too huge for him.=) one of my favorite things to do is to pray actual Bible verses by putting a name in it. Phil. 4:9 is one i have prayed for ones and now one i pray for us. it goes like this “I pray that You, God, shall supply all of our needs according to your riches in glory by Christ Jesus”. one of my favorite verses encourages me lots during this time. Eph. 3:20, “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us,”. i am excited to be able to finish this blog later with how He provided.
Okay, i said i would be back to tell how He provided. so this month we received a full paycheck which has not happened in months. that meant all our supporters were able to fully support of this month! our church back home does this thing called Christmas in october. they take an offereing for the missionaries and then divide it up and send it out. so we got a sweet check from that. and a family member back home sent us a generous gift too. wow, talk about God providing! all three things we were totally unexpected

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