Hannah’s 6th Birthday

I had tons of fun planning a cooking party for Hannah. I hung this drawing on the front door. I made a pizza cake with just frosting tips. I used #7 tip for pepperoni then smoothed it out. Then #101 for the cheese, and #12 for the crust. It was just a round chocolate cake then put covered it with red frosting.

Birthdays are big at our house. we wanted Hannah to feel special and loved. She woke up to her room being covered in streamers and balloons. Decorating her room with jeremy while she slept reminded me of my teenage years of toliet papering friends’ houses. Next she enjoyed chocolate chip pancakes made by daddy. I made her a cupcake pin that said,”it’s my birthday!” We surprised her with lunch from McD. and brought cupcakes and drinks to her class. For her party we did a cooking themed party. we made chef hats with strips of posterboard and plastic shopping bags. i had them powder their faces with flour for an authentic look. the kids decorated mini cakes with bagged frosting. They also made little pizzas using sandwich thins. They played pancake relays, racing to carry a pancake on a spatula and return it to their team’s frying pan. Then finally they played pin the chef hat on the chef. I probably had as much fun planning it all as she had enjoying it.


One comment

  1. Christine · February 3, 2010

    You did a good job with this party. We had a blast! You have such great ideas.


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