Kids, Treasures from heaven

man, my girls are angels.  Believe me they have had their moments when i thought otherwise. But a majority of the time they are such delight.  joy truly fullfils her name.  i wonder at night her little cheeks are sore from all the smiling.  i love that she smiles with her eyes, they just twinkle. i learn so much about God from my 5 year old, hannah.  so often she shocks me with how much she reflects her savior.  tonight, she prayed that her friends destiny and josh would be safe as they went to the beach.  we hadn’t discussed this, she just know they were leaving. i praise God for her others-centered heart.  she has been praying that daddy would find friends. ( and God is answering this)  one time after bedtime prayers we discussed what the verse means when it says to pray continually, how God wants us to talk to him anytime about anything.  she then said, “Yeah, like one time when i was at grammy’s with julieann and sara. we were fighting so i prayed two times that we would stop.”  i can’t recall praying silently at that age.  since having kids i feel like God has given me a little better glimpse of what God is like.  i experience an unconditional love for my kids, words cannot explain the depth of my love.  they are such delight to me just like we are to God.  just their very being gives me joy.  it makes my heart happy when she obeys and seeks to please me.  i can only imagine that is God’s response too.  and hurt when she chooses to do it her own way and disobey.


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