Are You Kidding Me?

ever have those moments when something happens and you get goosebumps and/or giggle to yourself because of the perfectness of that thing.  or i am just overwhelmed with awe that i have to giggle and say to myself or aloud, “Are you kidding me?”  That is the phrase i have now coined to describe God moments in my life.  It is when God surprises me with something good and i just can’t believe how perfectly fitting it is.  and i am in unbelief because it seems too good to be true.  i usually laugh at these moments because i am overwhelmed with joy because of the perfectness of the gift.  I praise God for being so personal right down to the details of my life.  He knows me so well that i think He likes to throw in those absolutely perfect details that fit me.  But i have discovered that He specializes in blessing us with things that are too good to be explained any other way than being a gift from Him.  i have had many of these moments here in NC.  He has answered my prayer for friends so wonderfully.  He has done the same for jeremy and hannah as well.  it was after beth moore’s Believing God study that these moments were becoming more common place.  she taught me to change my mind set. she encouraged me to not only believe in God but to believe God to be huge in my life, to expect Him to work miracles, to expect Him to work mightly in my life.  And He has and continues to wow my socks off.


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