Another Lesson needed

as well as learning to simplify our stuff, i am learning to be more resourceful and not so wasteful.  I am realizing how much food we wasted before.  we like to make burritos and typically we will only use 1/2 the bag of tortillas then the rest sit on the counter until i notice green furry growing on it then i toss it.  i am an expert at growing mold.  now with money so tight i find ways to reuse.   i will plan another meal to use those last torillas up. it has been kinda a fun challenge for myself.  it sounds silly but it is even rewarding. like one night i was so excited to use a full can of spaghetti sauce.  having limited funds also make shopping not so tempting. it makes shopping a much faster and freeing experience.  it has helped me with self discipline. i have never been a huge spender. i still love deals, discount stores, my blessed 99 cents store, yard sales and thrift stores.  but my problem is getting too many unneeded deals.  since it was a deal i had to buy it.   what i miss the most since having a tight budget is having the financial freedom to buy gifts.  i love to give gifts and feed people.  but i know this only a season in our lives.  …just recently getting a renter for our california home is awesome.  i now have more freedom to buy gifts and can afford to have people over for dinner.  true, you can get to know people without food but food just makes it so much better. =) 


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  1. Jared · February 20, 2009



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